Bathroom Deep Cleaning

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  • 1 hour
  • 99.99 US dollars

Service Description

Step 1: Prep and declutter the bathroom •Remove all items from the bathroom counter, shelves, and ledges. •Shake out the bath mats and remove them from the floor •Move the wastebasket and any other items that sit on your bathroom floor to make the space accessible to sweep/mop. Step 2: Dust from the top down •Dust ceiling fan and vents with a dry rag, or vacuum cleaner detachment •Wipe off all ledges, windowsills, and shelves with a dry rag Step 3: Wipe all bathroom surfaces with a wet, soapy rag or spray multi-purpose cleaner on the following items, let sit and then wipe residue with a clean, wet rag •Fan blades •Vents •Sink bowl + faucets •Walls •Light switches •Countertops •Showerhead, faucets, and handles •Shelves •Back of the toilet •Toilet flusher handle and any random attachments •Toilet seat •Underneath/exterior of the toilet bowl Step 4: Scrub the tough spots (anything water regularly touches) •Use a bleach/water combo disinfectant spray on your tile and grout shower walls and/or shower floor to scrub away any visible mildew, mold, or discoloration. •Use a wet soapy rag to wipe down the shower curtain, rod, and rings to get rid of soap residue or mineral build-up •Scrub toilet bowl with cleaner and toilet brush, being sure to get beneath the seat •Using a multi-purpose cleaner thoroughly scrub the sink bowl, drain, and faucet. Step 5: Shine all glass or reflective surfaces •Using a glass cleaner and paper towel to wipe off all windows, mirrors, glass surfaces, and doorknobs •Spray inside and outside of shower doors with glass cleaner and wipe clean Step 6: Vacuum and mop floor •Sweep or vacuum to collect all loose hair and dust from the floor. •Finish mopping your floor. •Spray disinfectant on non-porous surfaces, this will protect against bacteria for up to 24 hours.

Cancellation Policy

Your appointments and well-being are very important to us. We understand that sometimes, unexpected delays can occur, making schedule adjustments. When you book your appointment, you are holding a space on our calendar that is no longer available to our other customers. If you need to cancel your appointment, we respectfully request at least one [1] hour notice. Promotional Services Customers who book a service using any promotional code do not qualify for refunds, customers are able to cancel and will receive credit towards any service of similar value. Any cancellation or reschedule made less than one [1] hour from the scheduled appointment date and time will not qualify for a full refund. If you are more than 20 minutes late for your service or we are unable to reach you, we may not be able to accommodate you. In this case, we will not be able to provide a full refund but may be able to reschedule you for a later date. We highly recommend contacting us at if you need immediate assistance.

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