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About Us

Sally's Maids has provided top-quality service to Los Angles and Las Vegas residents for 20 years, making us the leading cleaning company in Southern California and Southern Nevada.  Our team is comprised of highly skilled, thoroughly trained, and carefully screened home cleaning professionals. When you call on us, you can rest assured knowing we are committed to provide exceptional service!

We’re fully bonded and insured and our easy, no-fuss pricing means you’ll get a transparent service with no hidden charges or unexpected fees. And when you decide you loved what we did so much you want us back, we offer a generous discount for repeat customers.

Whatever the size of your house, from trailers to condos, townhouses to single-family homes, we visit every kind of property and provide each of them with the superb cleaning experience customers have come to expect from Sally's Maids. 

Top Reason Customer Love Us

"You've tried the rest, now try the best!" 

While a private cleaner may work well for some individuals with specific preferences or requirements, Sally's Maids offers many benefits in terms of reliability, professionalism, insurance coverage, training, and a wider range of services. Choosing a reputable cleaning company like Sally's Maids can provide peace of mind and ensure that your cleaning needs are consistently met to a high standard.

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Sally's Maids Assistance Program

Help Us Support Those With Disabilities


Your $10 donation goes towards helping fund this program. For every $10 donated Sally's Maids matches the donation. 

In 2021 Sally's Maids started a program to help those with disabilities or limited mobility who needed cleaning services or home care. To date, we have been able to clean and provide care for over a hundred individuals who needed our services at no cost to them. Many of them were veterans, individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities, and the elderly who could not afford cleaning services and did not have friends or family who could assist them.

Most of us are blessed to have loved ones that can help and support us during times of need.


We dont give much thought to daily tasks like taking out the garbage, washing dishes, or cleaning our home. Unfortunately for those with disabilities or limited mobility, these tasks can be complex and cause physical strain. Our in-home support services assist children and adults who live with their families, as well as adults who live independently.


Our mission is to create a better life for those with disabilities or limited mobility. No one should have to live in unclean conditions that pose health and safety risks. With your donations and support, we can expand and help more people or offer recurring services to those in need. We have several people we would love to help and many more who need help coming in each day. Your donations will help cover supplies, as well as help, bring in additional people to assist us.

We thank you for your consideration. Every bit helps us reach our goal.


If you have any questions or know of anyone that needs help, please feel free to contact us.

Get to Know Us

We value our customers and strive to provide the best service experience possible. If you have any questions, or concerns, or need clarification about our services, we are here to help. Our dedicated team is ready to assist you in any way we can. Whether you require assistance with understanding our offerings, pricing details, or any other aspect of our service, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. Additionally, if you need help with booking an appointment or have any special requests, we are more than happy to accommodate your needs. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we want to ensure that your experience with us is smooth and hassle-free. Contact us today, and let us assist you in any way possible.

Woman holding a box of clothes for donation

Need to clean out your closet?

Donate to help those in need.

Sally's Maids will pick up unwanted clothes, shoes, and canned goods at no cost and distribute them to those in need. 

Due to the pandemic, many fell into hard times, and as a company that has been in Los Angeles for over 20 years, we are doing our part to help those in need. We hope to soon extend this same program to Las Vegas.

For more information, contact us at 310-570-0346 or email us at for details or schedule a pick-up. 

Special vouchers and discounts are provided to anyone who donates. 

Regina Johnson, Inglewood

“Affordable, On Time and Friendly."
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